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We are Bugaboo

We have always been committed to achieving your freedom of action.

Founded in 1994, Bugaboo is proud to build products that change the rules of the industry. These products can help you explore the world around you with unparalleled comfort and unmistakable ways.

Our strollers can ease your travel burden and make everyday life a pleasant journey.

Bugaboo products with dirt on each wheel have a happy and wonderful story behind them.

Feel free to share your journey story with us.

Max's story

"I am very obsessed with the wheel."
Bugaboo chief design officer and co-founder Max Barenbrug has been obsessed with wheels since childhood - they take people from one place to another, and they have a feeling of effortless and smooth sliding, which makes people feel very comfortable. When he was young, he experimented with bicycles and go-karts. Later, he created a stroller that led the industry. Recently, he introduced a subversive combination suitcase. Max’s focus on wheels has helped countless worldwide. People enjoy a good trip to life. He has always been committed to advocating people to go out and explore the beauty of the world. In fact, this idea is the source of all his inspiration.
Max has a lot of whimsy about traveling products, of course, they all have one thing in common - that is the wheel!


We are constantly looking for products that are truly impressive. At the company headquarters in Amsterdam and the factory in Xiamen, China, we continuously create, develop, test and produce a wide range of travel products, and strive to pursue the perfect combination of engineering technology, aesthetic design and practical functions. We always insist on the use of high-quality materials, modular design, easy to replace worn or damaged parts, and can easily change the shape, so that they can show a new look without much effort. In the end, our products are not only beautiful in shape, but also make people feel fun during use. It is used day after day, and it is durable for a lifetime.
Bugaboo stroller

Our employees, our products