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Bugaboo by Bas

The style is bold and the colors are bright. This is the fashion language of Bugaboo by Bas Limited Edition.

Face to face with Bas Kosters

The Dutch designer is known for his colourful aesthetics and is especially good at using bold and fun prints. Let us walk into the world of inspiration behind his design.

Bugaboo Fox exclusive style

Bugaboo Fox brings you and your baby a smooth and comfortable experience. Nowadays, this smooth feeling has also been injected with a distinctive style of beauty.

Colourful, connected

Fun, free, colorful colors, these elements are combined to rotate and jump, like a beautiful dance. Inspired by the concept of “communication”, the collection expresses the importance of maintaining contact between friends and family, as well as the close and unique relationship between Bas and Bugaboo.

15 years of friendship

Fifteen years ago, fashion designer Bas Kosters and Bugaboo teamed up to design the product for the first time. As time goes by, the friendship between each other is stronger, and the spirit of mutual cooperation is especially strong.