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Bugaboo Track Series

Children's strollers can also be so delicate and beautiful

Children's strollers can also be so delicate and beautiful

The new limited edition Bugaboo Track range, available in Bugaboo Fox, Bugaboo Bee 5 and Bugaboo Donkey 2. The collection's colors are exquisite and elegant, the details are simple and stylish, and the overall style is low-key and casual.

Limited edition casual style design

The lining is made of light hemp woven fabric, and the gray double-row stitching gives it a simple sense of movement and leisure.


The collection also offers a matching Bugaboo Footmuff Track sleeping bag. Winter accessories include the collection's unique light green and black colorblocking fabrics for a striking, contemporary look. If you already have a Bugaboo stroller, the Bugaboo Track range will help you upgrade it perfectly. The range offers a full range of accessories, including all fabrics that can be combined with existing frames (and the wheel covers and handles of the Bugaboo Fox and Bugaboo Bee 5), giving your stroller a new, casual look.