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Bugaboo Bee 5

Urban stroller

Built for the city

The pace of life in the city is known for being fast. Bugaboo Bee 5 is tailored for this fast-paced life. It's compact and comfortable, and its outstanding operability helps you cope with urban life.

Good life with a good partner

The seat orientation can be adjusted back and forth and padded for comfort. The child can be completely flat when sleeping, and can be adjusted to an upright position when waking up. Then adjust your cart armrests to the desired height and you can easily get on the road.

From birth to toddler

Bugaboo Bee 5 is all the way from the day the baby is born. Newborns can use a cradle or baby squat (sold separately), which can be fixed to the seat with a simple card adapter. When the baby can sit and watch the world, the cradle can become a seat.

Newborn cradle*

Can be used in child car seats

Baby seat

Less bumps, more comfort

The four-wheel independent suspension system uses a damping mechanism to enhance the shock absorption performance, helping you to easily pass through the bumpy sidewalk.

Baby safety, mother assured

The five-point seat belt allows the baby to be securely attached to the stroller seat, and the SPF 50+ sun protection fabric provides extra protection for the baby outdoors.


Our accessories work perfectly with your Bugaboo Bee 5, giving you the safety and protection of your baby in any weather, making your trip easier and more convenient.